The global COVID-19 outbreak has significantly impacted the availability of both personal protective equipment (PPE) for professional use by hospital and nursing home staff and first responders, as well as non-medical masks and hand sanitizer for consumer use, both of which have been recommended by groups like the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization as useful to help slow the spread of infection.

As countries and their governments work to ensure that workers on the front lines, as well as citizens, are protected from the highly infectious virus, consumer product brands and manufacturers are shifting production of their traditional products to fulfill the growing need for both professional PPE and items for consumer use like masks, gowns, safety goggles, face shields and hand sanitizer.

This is uncharted territory for many brands and manufacturers to navigate, with new regulations, safety testing and certification requirements necessary to ensure the products you manufacture are providing the protection they claim.

We recently hosted a webinar that focused on PPE and consumer-grade safety measures, and offered best practices as you shift your manufacturing processes: Shifting Consumer Product Manufacturing to PPE Production

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