Li-Ion batteries play a critical role in so many aspects of our lives, but occasionally they can fail and it can be challenging for a manufacturer to identify the reason why. The challenge of battery failure analysis is to clearly identify the problem’s root cause. Often, this can be traced to battery/cell failure, device failure (external to the battery), or failure of the battery management control system which is either integrated into the battery itself or is a separate circuitry designed into the device. A battery or cell failure may be related to its performance (e.g. the battery is not up to the specification), safety (e.g. a cell/battery overheating), or leakage related (e.g. the electrolyte starts to leak from the cell container).

This free webinar examines several common aspects of a Li-Ion battery failure analysis program.

Among the topics covered, include:

  • Situational Analysis
  • Examination of Batteries and Cells
  • Simulation of Suspected Faults and Misuse by Testing
  • And more…

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