Fashion industry professionals and consumers are aware of the need to make profound changes to meet the challenge of the ecological transition and build more sustainable circular economies worldwide.

The “Anti-Waste for Circular Economy” (AGEC) law no. 2020-105 adopted in France aims to accelerate the change in the production and consumption model to limit waste and preserve natural resources, biodiversity, and the climate. Besides, the decree 2022-748 published on April 29, 2022, has significantly strengthened consumer information and market players' responsibilities.

In this webinar, Handan Milewski and Zineb Danon will look at the AGEC requirements and their implications for textiles, apparel, home linen, and footwear products in the French market. Topics Covered:

  • Current regulation and reporting requirements
  • How to navigate the enforcement process
  • Key considerations for product compliance in France Market

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