Nasal Spray Development Considerations 

Webinar Recording - Get key insights into nasal drug product development

Nasal sprays are non-invasive and generally well tolerated by most patients. This drives a relatively high patient compliance rate compared to other more invasive or complex delivery systems. Most importantly, delivery via the nasal cavity offers rapid absorption of the drug product whilst avoiding the complications from the first-pass metabolism effect which is typically associated with other routes of drug delivery.

Nose to brain drug delivery, as well as topical administration of vaccines and large molecules, are exciting areas of development that have grown hugely in recent years.

As with other routes of administration, there are some challenges to nasal delivery. The nasal cavity, by design, is quick to clear material which could otherwise enter the airways. This means that there is a short window for absorption to occur. There are also varying geometries to take into consideration which could lead to inter-subject variability and potentially inconsistent deposition and absorption. In this webinar, our expert, Miles Jeanneret, Team Leader, Intertek gives an introduction to nasal spray drug products and considerations for their development, with particular emphasis on spray characterisation tests as a screening tool for the formulation and device combination.

Meet our Expert

Miles Jeanneret is a Team Leader within the Particle Characterisation team at Intertek Melbourn. He has been with the company for 4 years. Miles has extensive experience in method development and validation for techniques that fall under the particle characterisation umbrella such as particle/droplet size distribution and powder rheology, as well as experience in device/product characterisation studies and IVBE packages. Prior to employment at Intertek Melbourn, Miles obtained an MSc and First Class degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath with a focused dissertation in Organic Chemistry Synthesis.

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