Elevate your understanding and approach to cosmetic allergen compliance by accessing our on-demand webinar today:

Are you ready for the new Cosmetic Allergen Regulation (EC) 2023/1545?

Achieve Compliance - Watch our Exclusive On-Demand Webinar   

The recent publication of Regulation 2023/1545 by the European Commission has brought about a significant shift concerning mandatory labeling for 82 allergens. We understand that adapting to these changes might feel like a daunting task, but worry not, Intertek is here to guide you through this transformation!

With our 30 years of expertise dedicated to bringing regulatory and analytical support to the cosmetics sector, our team has curated an on-demand webinar tailored just for you, to help you achieve successful compliance by:

Unveiling Cosmetic Allergens: Understand the regulatory context and the significance of cosmetic allergens in the current landscape.

Navigating Compliance Timelines: Gain clarity on the compliance timetable and delve into the intricate nuances of different labeling rules.

Precision in Analysis
: Explore cutting-edge techniques and best practices for sample preparation and analysis of your cosmetic products and raw materials.

Top Strategies for Compliance: Uncover our three invaluable tips for ensuring a seamless transition toward compliance.