Those in the auto industry are well aware that the CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) requirement for fuel mileage will increase to 54.5 mpg by the year 2025. In order to meet this stringent requirement, many core elements of the vehicle will need to change.

The materials utilized in vehicle light-weighting will be at the top of the list, especially the increasing use of advanced composites. The focus of this free webinar recording will compare the varying techniques utilized when testing thermoplastic materials as related to composite materials. We give an overview of the current trends that Intertek, as a test lab, is seeing in order to reach the CAFE standard goals, the challenges to consider and the difficulties of transitioning from testing thermoplastic materials to advanced composite materials.

Among the topics that are covered include:

  • Material options for light-weighting – current trend
  • Testing techniques - current common techniques for thermoplastics compared to composites
  • Utilization of existing standards (ASTM, ISO, specific automotive standards)
  • Cost, time, etc. of testing composites compared to thermoplastics
  • Machining challenges for specimen preparation of composite materials – techniques, time, expertise, equipment costs
  • Accreditation – ISO 17025, Nadcap - will there be a need for automotive sector?

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