How To Build An Inhaler – Navigating New Technologies For Inhaled Product Development To Meet The Ever Expanding Challenges Of Both Small And Large Molecules.

Continuing development of inhalation technologies provide an ever increasing range of device and formulation options to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of therapies. There can be many ways to design a product, and all come with different trade-offs for risk, efficiency, stability and performance which will differ from product to product. The increasing importance of biologics for inhaled delivery has both driven new development and challenged established norms.

In this workshop we will review some of the current key technologies supporting new developments; as well as work through example product development roadmaps and target product profile development to explore the options available for your own inhaled product developments.

Not attending RDD 2023? You can request a recording of the workshop. Our team would be delighted to send this to you after the event (May 2-5 2023).