Delve into the convergence of two pivotal safety benchmarks: The STURDY Act, a significant legislative bill, and ASTM F2057-23, the Standard Safety Specification for Clothing Storage Units.

This webinar will empower you with an in-depth understanding of the scope and requisites outlined within the STURDY Act and ASTM F2057-23. Our expert, Andrew Loveland navigated through the intricacies of these standards, providing invaluable insights into strategies for compliance and best practices.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Unveiling the significance and implications of the STURDY Act for CSUs
  • A comprehensive walkthrough of ASTM F2057-23, encompassing its scope and pivotal requirements
  • Insights into imperative testing protocols and methodologies for ensuring foolproof compliance
  • Navigating labeling prerequisites and effective communication of safety information to consumers
  • Intertek’s tailored solutions aligned with the STURDY Act and ASTM F2057-23

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