SASO has reiterated the EER Requirements for Large Capacity Air Conditioners and strict implementation for the requirement of SASO Recognition Certificate for selected Electrical products.

EER For Large Capacity Air Conditioners: SASO issued a circular to reiterate the EER requirements for certifying large capacity air conditioners as per SASO 2874:2016. The Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources and Saudi Customs Authority will not permit the import of large capacity air conditioners shipments which are not compliant with the above standard.

SASO Recognition Certificate: SASO has started strictly enforcing the requirement for SASO Recognition Certificate for Mobile Phones and Mobile Phone Chargers, implemented in February 2018. Shipments of such products to KSA are now under strict vigilance by the KSA Customs/Authorities to verify documentation. Other products under the scope of “SASO Recognition Certificate” requirement, which will be enforced from August 2018, include mobile batteries, laptops and tablets, televisions, lighting luminaires, and dishwashers.

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