IEC 62133, the global portable battery safety standard, was recently replaced by two new standards -- IEC 62133-1 and 62133-2. Additionally, with North American harmonization in ANSI/UL 62133, and CSA E62133, there are a myriad of 1st and 2nd edition variants of the standard which may be applied to both Batteries and Components.

Confused? Don’t worry, this on-demand webinar will help to explain the recent updates and provide a roadmap to compliance for your battery or product application.

Some of the many topics covered include:

  • Changes in the IEC 62133-1 and IEC 62133-2 standards
  • Global harmonization with ANSI/UL 62133 and CSA E62133 and standards for other markets
  • Delta testing and relationships between CELL and BATTERY tests
  • What’s next?

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