In Vitro Bioequivalence (IVBE) Studies on Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products

This webinar explores the fundamentals of In Vitro Bioequivalence (IVBE) testing for inhaled and nasal drug products. IVBE studies seek to compare two preparations of the same product and are a common tool used when bringing a generic drug to market - and increasingly as a surrogate for clinical endpoint studies. Here, we look at what a typical IVBE package comprises, how and why they are performed, and explore two case studies for inhaled and nasal products, investigating the analytical testing requirements for each.

Meet our expert:

Ben Stafford, Scientist, Intertek Melbourn
Ben graduated from Durham University in 2020 with an MSci in Natural Sciences (Chemistry and Physics). After beginning his career in the pharmaceutical industry as a product testing analyst at Merck, Sharp and Dohme, he moved to Intertek Melbourn in 2021 where he is now a scientist within the particle characterisation team.

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