Oligonucleotide and mRNA drug products or vaccines are specific in their mode of action and are typically administered via sub-cutaneous or intravenous routes. However, the potential for administration through inhalation has been steadily growing in importance as this presents a more desirable mode of self-administration, resulting in an improved patient experience and compliance. Therefore, if viable, inhalation offers a highly attractive non-invasive route for the administration of various classes of oligonucleotides, not only for the treatment of respiratory diseases through targeted delivery to the lungs, but also as an alternative route to parenteral administration.  
In this webinar we cover key considerations for inhaled or nasal delivery including formulation, device selection / compatibility and analytical development from both the molecule (structure, physicochemical properties, potency) and delivery performance aspects (delivered dose, delivery rate, aerodynamic droplet size distribution, etc).  We will also include a case study involving development of a nebulised oligonucleotide.
Our Expert:
Ashleigh Wake, UK Business Development Director
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