Our technical expertise, your component or module. Learn more about NEBS component testing and compliance

Component and module manufacturers need to be able to demonstrate NEBS compliance to the manufacturers that will be integrating their components and modules into systems being sold into the US telecom network.

The demonstration of compliance to the subset of requirements is key to assure that their components and modules will not impact a product undergoing a NEBS evaluation. Additionally, it will assure that these components and modules will not have a negative impact on the existing NEBS compliance of a previously evaluated product.

Our team offers guidance and details into our NEBS verified component program in this on demand webinar. Learn more about our technical expertise, assurance solutions, and how to start the process with a design review.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • GR-1089-Core
    • Robustness
    • Emissions and Immunity
    • Telecom safety
    • DC Power port criteria
  • GR-63-Core
    • Thermal and altitude exposure
    • Flame resistance
    • Airborne contaminants
    • Acoustic noise
  • GR-3108-Core (Outside Plant Requirements)
  • What Components and Modules should be considered for evaluation
  • What to test on a component or module

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