Learn how in vitro models to assess oral care product stain removal performance can be developed to meet your product development and advertising claims requirements.

The pursuit of a bright, white smile has led to an explosion of stain control and whitening products being developed to meet the growing demand from consumers. In vitro studies play an important role in guiding stain removal / tooth whitening formulation development as they can provide rapid screening of formulations allowing the most effective to be progressed either to market or into a clinical testing program. In this whitepaper we describe an in vitro tobacco-derived stain model that has been developed to help differentiate toothpastes of varying stain removal capacity in a PCR-type model. Use of such a model should allow manufacturers of smoker’s toothpastes to derive specific claims for advertising and pack copy and to rank formulations under development or benchmark them against competitor products already in the marketplace. Download this whitepaper today to learn how our in vitro experts developed this model and how we can apply our understanding and experience to developing a whole range of models specifically aligned to meet your particular needs.

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