By adopting a forensic science approach to polymer failure investigations, it is possible to explore and understand potential failures related to processing and materials such as identification of surface contamination on a multi-layer polymer system.

In this case study our expert, Dr. Peter Muehlschlegel, Project Manager and Scientific Expert, describe the stepwise analytical approaches to identifying the nature of surface contamination which in turn can help to identify the source of the contamination.

Meet Our Expert:
Dr. Peter Mühlschlegel is Project Manager and Scientific Expert at Intertek in Switzerland. He joined the company in 2010. Before his position at Intertek Peter was employed at different chemical companies, such as BASF or CIBA. Peter has specialized in microscopic and spectroscopic surface analysis techniques like TEM, SEM-EDX, AFM, Raman or FTIR-imaging. He is very experienced in material characterization, particle testing as well as failure analysis. Peter holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of Basel, where he graduated in 2006.

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