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Unlock the potential to become an impactful and proficient trainer with our comprehensive 'Train the Trainer' course. Designed for aspiring and seasoned trainers alike, this program is tailored to equip you with the essential skills, techniques, and strategies needed to excel in the art of training and development. Through a dynamic curriculum crafted by industry experts, participants will delve into effective training methodologies, adult learning principles, engaging presentation techniques, and the psychology behind successful instruction. Join us to elevate your training capabilities and empower others through knowledge sharing and dynamic facilitation. 

Course Benefits

  • Develop and refine your ability to design, deliver, and evaluate training sessions effectively, catering to diverse learning styles and audiences.
  • Gain confidence in your training delivery by mastering impactful communication techniques, handling challenging situations, and fostering an engaging learning environment.
  • Acquire strategies to captivate and sustain learner engagement through interactive activities, multimedia tools, and participatory exercises.
  • Hone your presentation abilities, incorporating storytelling, visuals, and effective speaking techniques to convey information compellingly.

Course Content

  • Preparing the learning environment
  • Conveying information
  • Learning cycle
  • Managing the class
  • Teach anybody, anything, anytime concept.
  • Objection handling
  • PowerPoint mistakes to avoid.
  • Question and answer style
  • Evaluation and feedback.
  • Rhetoric triangle for public speaking.
  • Story telling techniques.

Course Duration

The course duration of the Train The Trainer program is two days. The first part of the training (day one and first half of second day) covers learning part and the second part covers demonstration of presenting in front of audiences by the learning partners.

This course is for

Beginners will find a comprehensive framework full of tools, tips and techniques to help you build a foundation to start training and facilitating with confidence. Experienced trainers and facilitators will find a framework to help you tie all of your experience together into one coherent methodology. You’ll also find news ideas, and new tools to help you get better. This course is ultimately designed to help you build out your training and facilitation toolbox. This toolbox will be something you can access in any situation you face when training and facilitating.

Trainer Profile

Muhammad Mehdi Hassan is a highly experienced trainer with a strong background in efficiency improvement projects implementation guide, industrial engineering, and organization development. As a leadership development trainer, he empowers individuals with strategic planning, team building, and effective communication skills. Additionally, he is a Lean Six Sigma and TQM consultant, implementing methodologies to enhance quality and drive continuous improvement.

Mehdi also conducts Training the Trainer (TTT) program and this enables him to not only deliver impactful training programs but also contribute to building the capabilities of fellow trainers. Furthermore, Mehdi is a part-time lecturer of Quality Management, where he shares practical tools and techniques with students, ensuring their understanding of the subject matter. As a BKMEA trainer and assessor, he actively contributes to the development of the textile industry by delivering training programs and assessing organizational performance.

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