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The Social & Labor Convergence Program offers the tools and system to measure working conditions in global supply chains. This multi-stakeholder initiative includes data sharing and replaces the need for repetitive social audits.

Evidence has shown that social auditing in itself does little to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Yet, over the last 20-30 years there has been a proliferation in social auditing, subjecting manufacturers to repetitive and duplicative, resource-intensive audits multiple times a year. Traditionally, there has been a lack of collaboration across the industry, with companies creating their audit protocols and not sharing findings. SLCP was established to develop a systemic solution to this problem.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Module 1: About the SLCP
  • Module 2: Introducing the Data Collection Tool
  • Module 3: Introducing the SLCP IT System
  • Module 4: Deep Diving into the Data Collection Tool
  • Module 5: Deep Dive into the Common Mistakes within the Tool
  • Module 6: Deep Dive into an SLCP Verification
  • Module 7: Deep Dive into the SLCP Gateway
  • Module 8: Deep Dive into the SLCP System-Assessment Statuses


  • A verified assessment can be shared with multiple apparel and footwear customers who use the SLCP framework. This aims to eliminate audit fatigue – eliminate duplication and reduce the number of social and labor audits, by replacing current proprietary assessment tools.
  • The customer’s (buyer’s) aim for a verified assessment is to help educate suppliers to improve their site working conditions and take ownership of the results, to become a responsible business. It also promotes collaboration, helping to produce programs for lasting improvements.

Who should attend?

  • New and existing practitioners whose job duties involve Social Compliance audits
  • Those who intend to seek a career in the auditing industry
  • Individuals who are concerned about corporate social responsibility are welcome to join

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