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Across the world, big brand retailers, apparel manufacturers, and organizations rapidly tapping into global markets, expanding their

products portfolio and extending their supply chain to new corners of the world. But surfacing frequently in the middle of all this exhilarating growth, they are also very much conscious of unsafe working conditions, underage workers, abuse and discrimination, and other unethical practices at the workplace. In response, many organizations

have developed comprehensive codes of conduct, and implemented controls, guidelines, supplier audits, and compliance monitoring programs to ensure that the codes of conduct are followed across all

supplier locations. In this context, Intertek believe to promote Social Compliance and its best practices for its privileged customers.  

Topics that will be covered: 

  • Bangladesh Labor Act 2006
  • Bangladesh Labor Rules 2015
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Welfare Officer
  • Grievance Handling Procedure
  • Disciplinary Action procedure
  • Sexual harassment and Complaint committee formation
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Strategic HR management
  • Health & Safety and other risk assessment


Through this training Intertek wants to promote safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing practices in Bangladesh so that apparel industry can access a wide range of safety, regulatory, quality and performance standard.

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Our Intertek Academy courses will help you understand, implement, and improve business practices and processes to ensure continuous improvement of your organization’s management systems and employee skill-sets.

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