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Hours: 16

Calibration is a key component in all systems where instruments are used to collect measurements for purpose of assessing the reliability and capability of manufacturing operations, testing products against specification in laboratories, and determining compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements. The accuracy of such measurements is dependent on regular calibration of the measuring instruments.

Topics that will be covered:

DAY - 1

  • Concept of Calibration
  • Explanation of terminology used
  • Basic Requirements of Calibration
  • Selection of measurement tools and instruments and interpretation of accuracy statements
  • Basic Calibration Parameters
  • Calibration Frequency
  • Examples of Instrument calibration
  • Interpretation of calibration certificate

DAY - 2

  • Principles of Uncertainty of Measurement
  • Concept of Uncertainty of measurement
  • Related Terms of Uncertainty
  • Estimation of uncertainty in measurements
  • Identifying uncertainty sources
  • Reporting of uncertainty
  • Practical exercises on uncertainty estimation in few measurements

Key Benefits:


  • Gain sufficient knowledge of basic principles of verification and calibration
  • Learn about the various calibration procedures of various types of measuring instruments
  • Understand the need for measurement uncertainty
  • Equip with the skills in estimating uncertainty associated with measurement results of test and calibration

Who should attend?

  • The programme is beneficial for personnel engaged in measurement, testing, calibration and its supervision in production supplier and captive laboratories
  • The Fundamentals of Calibration & Measurement Uncertainty training course is designed for laboratory management and technical staff responsible for review of uncertainties

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