Composites are some of the most advanced materials in use today, and also one of the most confusing to many when it comes to testing. We’ve compiled the Top-10 Frequently Asked Questions that our experts deal with on a regular basis, along with their answers in this free download.

Among the questions we tackled, include:

  • My specification says “n” should be between 2 and 4 but it says elsewhere the total number of layers should be near 10. Is this a typo?
  • Why do many of the composite test methods require the sample layup to be balanced and symmetrical?
  • Do the ASTM methods recommend a laminate schedule for their tests?
  • What is the best technique for the machining of test specimens? Water jet, plate saw, or router?
  • And 6 more…

Download this helpful FAQ sheet today to get the answers to some of the Advanced Composites testing questions that you may have had on your mind.