As the automotive industry continues to drive innovation and the development of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles to meet the government’s 2030 goals, the testing market requires rapid expansion to keep up with rising demand. At Intertek, we have developed our UK facilities to support manufacturers in meeting the net zero carbon emissions targets and further enhance their electric vehicles to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

To enable manufacturers to maximise their testing and minimise their time to market, our Milton Keynes laboratories feature:

- Unique, high-speed 27,000rpm eMotor dyno rig
- 1.2MW full vehicle test chamber
- Custom EV fluids testing rig built in-house
- 24/7, fully automated operating run-time, allowing you to maximise your testing
- Bespoke quick change pallet loading system, allowing our engineers to rapidly install your units and maximise test up-time

To learn more about our complete UK electric vehicle testing solutions, download our brochure.