Paris, France | December 6-8, 2022

Intertek Assuris is an unparalleled team of industry-leading experts providing science-based assurance in quality, safety, and sustainability. Our global network of scientists, engineers, and regulatory specialists provides support to navigate complex scientific, regulatory, environmental, health, safety, and quality challenges throughout the value chain. Through our regulatory, scientific and industry insights, we empower companies with solutions designed to enable market access, assess and mitigate risk, preserve and promote human health, and protect the environment.
We help our clients resolve complex scientific and toxicology issues, develop scientific and strategic regulatory and compliance plans, and facilitate timely regulatory global approvals. We provide the most expedient and cost-effective route to satisfy worldwide scientific and regulatory approval requirements: 
  • Providing global regulatory strategic planning and assessments;
  • Preparing technical submissions that ensure successful review;
  • Guiding products through pre-market approval and commercialization processes;
  • Conducting product safety evaluations;
  • Compiling nutritional and dietary intake assessments of food components;
  • Substantiating  health-related claims for foods/food components and supplements; and
  • Designing, placing, and monitoring safety, nutritional, and efficacy studies. 
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