Food producing and manufacturing businesses have a high degree of risk within their operations as the success of food production relies on the ability to continuously produce safe, nutritious and desirable food products for consumers. Sustainability and risk management are at the forefront of concerns for corporate food producers and independent manufacturers alike. Intertek’s expertise long history and expertise in sustainability and risk mitigation solutions make our knowledge leaders an important participant in your company’s continual improvement efforts.

Food production facilities have a need to focus on food safety, worker safety, and quality. Organisations can face difficulties during the manufacturing process or when undergoing new product developments. Food producers must meet the expectations and requirements of many stakeholders globally including buyers, consumers, and regulatory authorities. To meet regulatory and stakeholder demands, Intertek offers a wide array of bespoke services to assure that food businesses are ready to meet challenges and mitigate risks throughout their operations.

Food manufacturers and producers need to accurately determine the use by or best before dates for their products as well as develop accurate labelling to meet regulations and keep their consumers and brand safe.

Consumers demand that the food they purchase to be safe, and properly described on the label. Intertek’s food testing services provides assurance that the safety, and nutritional expectations, and quality of food products are consistent and meet specification as well as any regulatory requirements.

Misrepresented or modified food products entering the food supply chain can have devastating consequences for consumers and hurt the brand of the retailer, producer, brand and supplier. Bespoke testing capabilities, assurance methods, and protocols help brands fight food fraud in their supply chains.

Intertek partners with our clients to enact bespoke audit protocols to assure that your business’ objectives are understood, realised, and maintained. We work with our clients to conduct second-party audits and deliver comprehensive and actionable audit reports.

Food retailers and brands leverage food sensory and product testing of food products as a vital tool applied at various stages of production and product development to ensure that flavour profile and other sensory attributes are compatible with consumers.

Producers and manufacturers can stay current on trending food issues using Intertek’s Horizon Scan reporting tool, allowing them to act proactively and mitigate risks. Horizon Scan is a reporting tool which uses interpreted data from reporting authorities globally.

Intertek offers a wide variety of management systems certification solutions for food producers globally. Our expert auditors and global reach allow us to help our clients with expert third-party management systems certification wherever they do business. Our certification body is accredited to audit to ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, GFSI-Recognised Standards, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards, and much more.

Inspection is a valuable quality management mechanism that can safeguard the quality and safety of your organisation’s food products. Intertek’s team of experts offer during production inspection (DPI) solutions where samples are taken and examined during the production process.

Programs to equip employees with the knowledge and confidence they need to elevate safety, productivity, culture, and compliance initiatives.

In the ever-changing global regulatory landscape, food producers are faced with challenges persistently to assure the safety of consumers and proper labelling of their products. Intertek’s regulatory food experts have an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies and processes of regulatory agencies and can help your organisation develop a robust regulatory strategy.

With increasing global complexity of today's supply chains, the Inlight platform delivers supply chain risk transparency through data analytics and reporting.

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