30 Mar 2022

We are happy to announce the roll out of our Agilent OpenLab Chromatography Data System (CDS) at the Intertek Whitehouse facility.

The Agilent OpenLab CDS deployment will replace the current PerkinElmer Turbochrom CDS and provides essential controls necessary to meet today’s data integrity driven regulatory environment. The platform directly interfaces with the HPLC and GC instrumentation in the laboratory and provides improved instrument control. In addition to the CDS, new HPLC instrumentation with UV, diode array, conductivity and fluorescence detection capabilities have been added to allow the laboratory to continue to provide a wide degree of analytical solutions.

The Agilent system has been validated and meets the regulatory requirements for electronic signatures and Data integrity. Equivalency between the existing PerkinElmer Turbochrom CDS and the new Agilent OpenLab CDS has been successfully proven through a controlled equivalency study utilizing traceable materials with pre-defined acceptance criteria. The equivalency study utilized simultaneous data collection with both software platforms which allowed for direct comparison of data collection and processing sufficient to demonstrate both qualitative (tailing factor, resolution, signal to noise ratio) as well as quantitative (area percent, weight percent assay, weight percent impurity) equivalency.

The go live date has been set to be March 31, 2022 with full laboratory implementation to be achieved by July 31, 2022.