04 Nov 2015
Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, has launched new microbiology capabilities in its Abu Dhabi Technology Centre, recently opened in Abu Dhabi. The new services, for the oil and gas sector, will be presented at ADIPEC, one of the world’s leading oil and gas exhibitions and conferences taking place this year from November 9th till 12th. The oilfield microbiology and expanded corrosion services will help oil and gas companies safeguard their assets and assure the integrity of materials, facilities and infrastructure.

Intertek’s Abu Dhabi Technology Centre offers a unique combination of analysis and testing services to the oil and gas industry in the region. The Centre now provides a complete range of oilfield microbiology solutions to help companies maximise oilfield safety, recovery, operation and profitability as well as minimise risks and operational costs. The services include training in microbiology awareness and oilfield microbiology method sampling procedures, designed to comply with best practices in the oil & gas sector.

Hussain Al- Atrakchi, Intertek Regional Managing Director for the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, said: “Intertek is committed to providing its partners and customers with comprehensive solutions to help assure and maintain quality products and processes. By expanding our analysis and application services in the region, we continue to set the pace for the industry in delivering exceptional quality and accurate results to our partners, allowing for better-informed planning and risk management.”

With aging assets and elevated water production, the effects of microbiological activity and other issues such as corrosion and scale in the oilfield are becoming more commonplace. Intertek’s team of microbiologists, chemists, geologists and engineering experts , help oil and gas companies determine the risk associated with the oilfields such as microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and reservoir souring. MIC and reservoir souring can occur as a result of the presence of bacteria in the oilfield, such as sulphide reducing bacteria, which in turn can compromise the integrity of process infrastructure and jeopardise operations. Identifying those problems at an early stage will allow controlled, effective and targeted treatment. The team of specialists can also assist in potable water testing and the undertaking of legionella risk assessments to safeguard personnel wellbeing.  

Dr Derek McNaughtan, General Manager of Production & Integrity Assurance at Intertek, who will be speaking at ADIPEC, said: “Intertek has been supporting the local demand for corrosion inhibitor testing for a number of years. We have been able to expand our capabilities to include a full suite of microbiology services in our new facility, along with a greater capability in conducting on-site corrosion testing and analysis. We have built on our experience in the region and developed our existing capability to test corrosion inhibitors in various conditions, with a dedicated facility designed to allow all aspects of testing from physical properties to demanding performance tests. This allows our clients to have access to an independent laboratory to consider all aspects of the production chemistry selection criteria in one location and aid in identifying the best in class products. Coupled with our existing capability in scale inhibitor selection, we believe we can now fully meet our client’s integrity needs in a one-shop location.”

Please visit us at ADIPEC from November 9-12, Booth number 2310.

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