Results of China Market Textile and Footwear Spot Checks in July 2016

Vol. 923 | August 09, 2016

Infant Wear

The new mandatory standard GB 31701-2015 for infant and children’s textile products has been effective from June 1, 2016. Recently, China Consumer Association (CCA) launched a test for some infant products in the market according to this new mandatory standard. The results showed 40 samples with appearance and safety concerns. In addition, 18 styles had hidden dangers in the design of drawstrings, which may injure children.


Infant and Children’s Wear

The Wuhan Bureau of Quality and Technical supervision launched a product risk monitor for infant and children's wear sold in market and in online platforms. The risk monitor checked 50 samples, including knitted underwear, knitwear, suits, outerwear, down garments, cotton wadded clothes, etc. The risk monitor was conducted according to GB18401-2010 and GB31701-2015. The monitor focused on the following items: AZO dyes, formaldehyde, pH value, colorfastness to perspiration, colorfastness to water, colorfastness to dry rubbing.

Primary reasons for failure: AZO dyes



The Guangdong Administration of Industry and Commerce announced the inspection results of apparel products in 2015-2016. The spot check inspected 240 styles from 76 companies; the unqualified rate was 39.17%.

The inspection focused on the following items: labeling, fiber composition, formaldehyde, pH value, AZO dyes, colorfastness to water, colorfastness to perspiration, colorfastness to dry rubbing, colorfastness to wet rubbing, colorfastness to washing, colorfastness to dry cleaning, colorfastness to light, colorfastness to light and perspiration, seam propriety (seam slippage), etc.

Primary reasons for failure: AZO dyes, pH value, colorfastness, fiber composition, seam propriety (seam slippage), formaldehyde and labeling.


School Wear, Infant and Children’s Wear, Luggage

The Jiangxi Bureau of Quality and Technical supervision launched a product quality supervision and inspection for 23 products including school wear, infant and children's wear and luggage. The result is summarized as following:


Total batches

Unqualified batches

Pass Rate

Failed items






Infant and children’s wear




Fiber composition, pH value, labeling

School wear




Fiber composition, labeling

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