EU - New Amendment A12 to EN 62115 is now Harmonised under the EU Toys Safety Directive

Vol. 846 | August 07, 2015


The new amendment A12 to EN 62115 is now harmonised under the EU Toys Safety Directive 2009/48/EC per the reference published in EU Official Journal in June 12, 2015. This new version will be effective from June 3, 2017, but until that time the existing standard can still be used. The major change is the addition of Annex ZC covering toys that generate electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Main changes:

  • Annex ZC requires that toys with an integrated field source generating EMF shall comply with EN 62233:2008 with the following changes:
    • Toys without a motor, inductor or that only include passive electronic components are considered to comply without further testing
    • Toys consuming a current of 3A or less are not subject to the requirements

Test requirement parameter list for different type of toys in Standard EN 62233:2008 for EMF measurement methods

Type of appliance

Measuring distance r1

Sensor locations

Operating conditions

Coupling factor ac(r1)

Toys or parts of toys intended to be used close to the body


All surfaces



Toys or parts of toys, hand-held


All surfaces



Toys or parts of toys, other


All surfaces



  • When the markings or instructions of EN 62115 7.4 are on the packaging only, it shall also be stated that the packaging must be retained since it contains important information.
  • Each low-power circuit is short-circuited by connecting the low-power point to the pole of the supply from which the measurements were made. Should this short circuit cause a hazardous condition, the short circuit is removed and the tests of EN 62115 9.8.2 a) to f) are applied to each low power circuit.
  • Connectors such as jack plugs, USB plugs, RCA plugs, etc., with a diameter or diagonal measurement between 3.75mm and 5.25mm and length greater than 7mm are considered to fail the requirements of EN 62115 clause 14.10.

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