How do you know your storage tanks are safe and reliable?

Maintaining above-ground storage tanks is important not only to secure the product within the tanks, but also for compliance with regulatory requirements such as API 653.

Regular inspection is vital for ensuring tank integrity.   If tank and associated component integrity is compromised the potential for failures increases, and failures can include everything from leakage into a secondary containment unit to explosion.  API653 establishes the requirements for inspection of above ground storage tanks and thoroughly outlines certified inspector qualifications, critical inspection components, inspection intervals and much more.  

During this webinar our Total Quality Assurance experts will discuss API 653 specifications and the importance of tank maintenance as well as some of the many technical services available to keep tanks reliable, safe and compliant.  Complementary services such as microbiological contamination testing, tank calibration, 3D laser scanning, dimensional control and mobile inspection data management software will also be discussed.   

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