Avoiding asset failure is a priority for asset owners and operators.  Failures can quickly turn into situations where production and personnel safety are at risk. 

If a failure does occur it’s important to investigate what caused the failure and put in place actions to prevent it from happening again.  Whether a simple analysis or a comprehensive failure investigation is needed, some of the many expert services that could be required include consultancy, investigation, root cause analysis and laboratory testing.  The results provide the insight needed to solve the problem, take remedial action and prevent recurrence.

In the event that a failure brings about liability disputes or complex litigation cases, forensic engineering experts could be called upon to work alongside insurance companies and law firms and provide scientific analysis, litigation support and expert testimony.  Forensic engineering services also extend to damage assessment and segregation, run/repair/replace decision support, estimating the scope and cost of repair, and auditing repair quotes. 

During this webinar our Total Quality Assurance experts will discuss some of the many failure analysis and forensic engineering techniques that support owners and operators in their efforts to ensure continued asset performance and more importantly the safety of site personnel.  

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