Cosmetotextiles Testing

Cosmetics are no longer just simple creams and lotions. The boundaries of cosmetic innovation are being expanded with the inception of cosmetotextiles. These new products can be defined as textile articles containing a durable substance intended to be released on the various surfaces of the body it comes into contact with and asserting a cosmetic action.

For newly developed products, there is no specific regulation yet. However, in the European Union, cosmetotextiles must conform to the requirements of the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, as well as the governing textile regulations to guarantee safety and efficacy to the consumer.

As a leader in the Consumer Goods market, Intertek offers expertise in both the cosmetic and textile industry to the cosmetotextiles industry. In addition to traditional textile testing, Intertek is able to test the care resistance of the cosmetic product. Intertek offers services concerned with two major points, corresponding to two principal expectations of consumers:


  • Full Toxicological Assessment of cosmetic formula, capsule and binder
  • Clinical research, with assessment of the irritancy capacity of the product (patch test) and test use under dermatological control
  • Titration of the potentially dangerous residues on the finished product, being able to be absorbed through the skin
  • Stability study
  • Support for the construction of the cosmetic file and the drafting of the packaging


  • Efficacy testing
  • Care resistance by titration of the cosmetic product after a given number of care cycles Intertek helps you to achieve conformity with the new Cosmetic Regulation which makes compulsory the application of the Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716) in 2013



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