No matter what industry you’re in, new product development is challenging. Depending on your situation, many of those challenges lead to delays and a loss of time and money. Your company’s pain points are most likely keeping you up at night … tossing and turning for a solution.


How Intertek Electrical Assurance (IEA) Can Help

IEA focuses on supporting companies in product development & launch—from end-to-end or simply filling a gap. They dive in head-first and hands-on to analyze your product launch goals and its challenges to help you resolve:

Resource & Skills

Do you need on-demand expertise to fill technical or regulatory knowledge gaps, without adding fixed cost?


Have product compliance or performance challenges caused rework and/or failure during your product development and launch?


Are new technologies changing your market and challenging your organization?


Are your engineering resources too busy with NPI to keep up with sustaining engineering and cost reduction opportunities?



Do you need additional insights to tell you how your product stacks up, or how it can gain an edge?

Market Reach

Is entering a new global market part of your growth strategy?


Are you struggling with total predictability in your product launch because you have regulatory requirement blind spots?


Bottom Line

Are your expenses, margins and revenue meeting and exceeding expectations?


IEA works with you, for you. Empowering you and your staff to meet company goals and allowing for future replication.

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The Intertek Electrical Assurance (IEA) team is aligned by industry and product category— including appliances, consumer electronics, ICT, lighting, medical, PPE, HVACR, industrial, energy and hazardous locations. Each industry team includes product development and regulatory experts in engineering, design, domestic and/or global entry and competitive environments. All team members currently work alongside Fortune 50-500 corporations and look forward to serving your company’s needs.