Intertek South Africa embraces BEE

Intertek Testing Services South Africa (Pty) Limited began the process of becoming a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) company as early as October 2003, leading the way in the inspection and testing industry. Being categorised as a large enterprise, Intertek embraces all five elements of the generic scorecard of BEE, namely:

  1. Company Ownership
  2. Management Control
  3. Skills Development
  4. Enterprise and Supplier Development
  5. Socio-Economic Development

Employees’ Empowerment (the “Share Trust”)

The first step towards achieving shareholding and equity participation i.e. Company Ownership was the sale of shares by Esperanza International Services SA, the main shareholder of Intertek Testing Services South Africa (Pty) Limited, to the Intertek Employees Empowerment Share Trust. Intertek employees were offered an opportunity to purchase 25% +1 of the shares within Intertek Testing Services SA (Pty) Ltd to form the Share Trust.

The Share Trust was formed and registered in 2003 and currently consists of six trustees including the chairperson, who was also appointed to serve as an executive director on the Intertek Testing Services SA (Pty) Ltd board of directors. The parties to the agreement were assisted by KPMG with both the legal and accounting issues.


To develop all elements of the BEE scorecard, Intertek has partnered with different not-for-profit organisations to support and make contributions to projects in rural communities across South Africa, including:

  • The Hope Factory, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg, which aims to develop the young and unemployed into becoming entrepreneurs
  • Bevies Care Centre, Gingindlovu, KwaZulu-Natal, an orphanage which Intertek employees redecorated and supported by contributing household goods and items
  • Giving school uniforms to the poorest children at Gcewu High School, Lalelani Primary School and Charles Memorial Primary School in Umbumbulu and Shongweni, KwaZulu-Natal
  • Zibambeleni Old Age Home, where Intertek employees donated winter clothing and items to residents in Kwa Dabeka in Clermont, KwaZulu-Natal
  • Running a student work experience programme to support them in achieving their university degrees
  • Partnering with Department of Energy on Mandela Day projects, where Intertek employees tidied the garden, planted vegetables and donated toys to support a school for deaf children in Soweto, Johannesburg

Intertek verifies that the not-for-profit organisations comply with the legal criteria of Broad-Based BEE before committing any contributions. All support and contributions are approved by Intertek management.