Renewable Energy - Case Studies

Carbon Footprinting Services

During 2017 Intertek HERS performed a carbon footprint for a North American transport and operations services provider. As part of the assessment Intertek worked with the client to determine year-on-year improvements and how they relate to specific changes and upgrades to their operations. Results were reported in CO2 equivalent emissions and encompassed improvements such as fuel and fleet changes, warehouse logistics and implementing policies that require efficient movement of materials within operations.

Resource efficiency and adoption of cleaner technologies can positively impact sustainable growth, demonstrated by implementing strategies that increase efficiency in operations and the responsible use of fuel and materials. With the transportation sector contributing over a quarter of the world’s GHG emissions, movement of materials, whether in a factory or cross-country is an important part of sustainable consumption and economic growth.

Clean Energy

Across the world, our Sustainability value proposition positions us well to support our clients in their development of clean energy solutions, including solar, wind, biofuel and water power. In Mexico, during 2017, along with our Joint Venture partner, Intertek + ABC Analitic have participated extensively in the sampling of the initial conditions of sites where wind farms are to be placed, in order to advise on the appropriateness of the location and impact on the ecosystem. In addition, we have also been involved in monitoring and assessing the environmental impact of the noise generated by the wind turbines.

Innovating and Supporting Renewable Energy Development

During 2015, Intertek partnered with the Center for the Evaluation of Clean Energy Technology to offer a first in the renewable energy industry in North America – a mobile platform for testing photovoltaic (‘PV’) modules. This mobile testing laboratory complements Intertek’s wide range of quality assurance services for solar products and installations at fixed laboratory locations. The Mobile PV Test center can quickly verify PV product quality and efficacy in the field to identify and find solutions for underperforming modules.

Carbon Footprint in Packaging

We are currently working with a leading manufacturer of PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) to analyse the carbon footprint of its new production plant in Belgium. Intertek measures the electricity and gas the new factory takes to produce one tonne of PET, the quantities of raw materials required and the emissions and wastes that result. This is then compared to existing data from the top PET producers in Europe, enabling us to verify that the new factory achieves a lower carbon footprint per tonne of PET than existing factories, due to its new design efficiencies.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In Germany, Intertek’s Transportation Technologies business has provided electric vehicle charging stations as part of the eE-Tour Allgäu project (efficient electric mobility and tourism in the Allgäu region) being run by partners from business and academia. To date, the project has enabled more than 50 different electric vehicles to be made available to tourists and residents to hire or borrow at various rental stations in the Allgäu region. Trials are also being conducted for potential applications of electric vehicles for everyday use by companies and community schemes in the region.