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Cabling Products - ETL Verified Certificates of Conformance:


Category 5 Cables: 
4 x 24 AWG FTP CM Horizontal Solid Cable p/n YLC-5FH04-xy-305zz
Category 5e Cables: 
4 x 24 AWG UTP CM Patch Stranded Cable p/n YLC-EUP04-xy-305zz
4 x 24 AWG UTP CM Horizontal Solid Cable p/n YLC-EUH04-xy-305zz
4 x 24 AWG UTP CMP Horizontal Solid Cable p/n YLC-EUH04-Dy-305zz
4 x 26 AWG UTP CM Patch Stranded Cable p/n YLC-EUP104-xy-305zz
Category 5e Channels:

3 Connector Unshielded Channel
Equipment Cord, 3m:  YLCP-EUA-xxxMy-zz
Keystone Jack:  YKJ-C5eU-90
UTP Horizontal Cable, 90m;  YLC-EUH04-xy-305zz
Patch Panel:  YPP-8/24-C5eU180

3 Connector Shielded Channel
Equipment Cord, 3m:  YLCP-ESA-xxxMy-zz
Keystone Jack:  YKJ-C5eS-90
STP Horizontal Cable, 90m:  YLC-ESH04-xy-305zz
Patch Panel:  YPP-8/24-C5eS90

Category 5e Components:
Modular Jack p/n YKJ-C5EU-V-X4/X5
Category 6 Cables:
4 x 24 AWG UTP CM Patch Stranded Cable p/n YLC-6UP04-xy-305zz
4 x 23 AWG UTP CM Horizontal Solid Cable p/n YLC-6UH04-xy-305zz (TIA Certificate)
4 x 23 UTP CM Horizontal Solid Cable p/n YLC-6UH04-xy-305zz (ISO Certificate)
4 x 23 AWG UTP CMP Horizontal Solid Cable p/n YLC-6UH04-Dy-305zz
4 x 26 AWG UTP CM Patch Stranded Cable p/n YLC-6UP104-xy-305zz
4 x 24 UTP CM Horizontal Solid Cable p/n YLC-6UCH304-X1X2-XXX3-XX4
Category 6 Permanent Links:

2 Connector Shielded Permanent Link
Wall Outlet:  YKJ-6FVD-X5
Patch Panel:  YPPS-6FVD-P1/P2
SFTP Horizontal Cable:  YLC-6PH04-xy-305zz

3 Connector Unshielded Permanent Link
UTP Horizontal Cable:  U250H423 CM
Keystone Jack:  YKJ-6UVD-X5
Keystone Jack Assembly-110 work Outlets:  YKJ-6UX3D-X5
Patch Panel:  YPPS-6UHD-P1/P2

Category 6A Cable:
4-Pair, 23 AWG, U/UTP, CMR horizontal (solid) cable p/n YLC-APUCH04-xy-305zz
Category 6A Channels and Permanent Link:

2 Connector Unshielded Permanent Link

Patch Panel:  YPPX1-AUHD-X2/X3      
Wall Outlet:  YKJX1-AUX2-X3-XX4
UTP Horizontal Cable:  YLC-APUCH04-xy-305zz

3 Connector Shielded Chanel
Equipment Cords: YLCP-APx-yyyMB-zz and YLC-APAP04-xR-yyyzz
Patch Panel: YPPK-AFH
Keystone Jack: YKJx-AFHL
U/FTP, LSOH, Horizontal Cable: YLC-APAH04-xR-yyyzz
Category 6 /Class E Channels:
3-Connector Channel Includes IEEE 802.3btTM support of Type 4 (PoE++) power delivery
Equipment Cord, 3 m: YLCP-6UA-003MB-xx
Wall Outlet: YKJ-6UHD-xx
Equipment Cord, 2 m: YLCP-6UA-002MB-xx
Keystone Jack: YKJ-6UVD-xx
Horizontal Cable: YLC-6UCH04-HN-090xx
Patch Panel: YPPB-6UHD-8/24
Equipment Cord, 5 m: YLCP-6UA-005MB-xx
6-Connector Channel
Patch Cord, 2m: YLCP-6UX-YYYMB-ZZ
Keystone Jack: YKJ5-6UHD
UTP LSZH Horizontal Cable: YLC-6UCH04-XR-YYYZZ
110 Blocks: Y110B
Patch Panel: YPPL-6UHD
Category 7A Cable:
4-Pair, 22 AWG , S/FTP, LSZH Horizontal (Solid) Cable p/n YLC-7APH804-xy-305cc



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