Japan Green (JGPSSI) Services

Intertek offers electronic design, consulting, assessment, and testing services for Japan Green (JGPSSI) compliance.

The Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI) is a voluntary organization established in 2001. The purpose of JGPSSI is to promote the standardization of chemical management practices for electrical and electronic equipment products. The focus has been on establishing a common list of chemicals to be managed, including asbestos and mercury.

Identification and Control of Hazardous Substances
The cornerstone of Japan Green compliance is the identification and control of the hazardous substances in electronics products. Intertek’s experts collect, review, and categorize the required restricted substances for all components of your electronics product. The gathered data meets the requirements of the Joint Industry Guide (JIG), JGPSSI, and evolving IPC standards.  Standard JGPSSI services include:

  • Material declaration for all components
  • Identification of all restricted substances
  • Full component by component audit trail
  • Substitution of non-compliant components
  • Electronic design verification of all chemical data and hazardous substances exemptions
  • Recycling information and materials
  • Data gathering to JGPSSI, Joint Industry Guide (JIG), and evolving IPC standards
  • Intertek works with suppliers to develop compliant programs and products

Information Disclosure
The Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI) has two major information disclosure requirements:

  • Disclosure of the presence of hazardous substances
  • Information on dismantling, recycling, and treatment 

Intertek's information disclosure services include:

  • "Rolled up" material declaration
  • Support with specific customer requests
  • Data output in XML format to support evolving IPC standards
  • Recycling information roll up
  • Support and guidance with dismantling instructions  

Ongoing Services
Intertek’s health and environmental services are structured for long term compliance and support. Our data system is adaptable, structured for easy additional new parts and products, and has an object oriented approach able to produce a range of output formats necessary to meet evolved electronics and IT standards. 

 Typical ongoing services include:

  • Data access through secure html site
  • Ongoing consulting and IT support
  • Addition and evaluation of new components and products
  • Data "roll-up" and output to evolving standards
  • XML output to support evolving IPC standards
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