Our manufacturing services assist clients in ensuring their people, processes and products are as safe and efficient as possible. From logistics and compliance to safety practices and training, Intertek can help you protect your personnel, hone your operations and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Successful manufacturing relies on a range of important responsibilities - from developing diligent safety practices to assuring consistent quality management. Manufacturing organisations are often obliged to fulfil a variety of regulatory requirements that, without efficient planning, can take vital time away from core business activities.

At Intertek, we have decades of experience in delivering the reliable and timely services our manufacturing clients need. Our expertise can help you prepare your people for industry demands, enhance returns from your production and manufacturing assets, and expand your reach to new global markets. We can assist you in improving product safety and reliability, reducing costs and time-to-market, complying with local and international standards and minimising risk.

From quality testing, manufacturing process troubleshooting and health and environmental guidance to business assurance, auditing, inspection, certification, training and consulting, we are the ideal partner to provide the vital manufacturing services you require.

Engaging our independent manufacturing support services will offer peace of mind that your business is doing its utmost to provide safe, environmentally compliant working and processing environments while delivering quality materials and products to your clients and end users.

Need help or have a question? +1 408 745 7000

Need help or have a question?

+1 408 745 7000
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