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Intertek global oil, biofuel, chemical and agricultural commodity testing, inspection and other technical services.


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Agricultural Products Services

Agricultural product testing and inspection.

Intertek provides inspection of high commercial value agricultural cargo shipments, along with quality control, field inventory confirmation and many other related services. Intertek helps protect the value of bulk cargo agricultural commodity products, dry bulk cargo and other shipments during custody cargo transfer and other commercial activities.

Intertek's global professional surveyors, laboratories and single contact account coordinators offer 24/7/365 service to help clients reduce trade related risks.

Agricultural Product Cargo and Inventory Inspection:

  • Cargo Certification and Inspection
  • Cargo Sampling and Testing
  • Cargo Weight and Quality Verification
  • Loss Control, Investigation, Calibration

Agricultural and Food Quality Control Laboratory:

  • Quality and Grading
  • Routine Testing
  • Non-Routine Testing
  • Nutritional Value Testing and Labeling for FDA, USDA, and other Regulatory Services
  • Other Agriculture and Food Related Services

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