Intertek webinars are an opportunity for you to gain first-hand knowledge from some of the world’s foremost experts in testing, inspection, and certification. We’ll help you navigate the complexities associated with proper safety and quality processes.

These sessions will arm you with critical information on the ever-changing requirements that affect so many industries, and help you develop safer, higher quality products and grow your business.

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NFPA 80: Are you ready?
Method Validation for Quantification of Volatile Impurities by Direct Mass Spectrometry
2017 Year in Review: Consumer Products Regulatory Update
Understanding Title 24: Current Requirements and the Changes to Come
Satellite Data Acceptance Program
Miami-Dade County: Putting Your Products to the Test
Aware for Equipment Life Optimization Program module - ELOP
Compatibility Testing & Life Estimation of Non-Metallic Materials - Session 2
Compatibility Testing & Life Estimation of Non-Metallic Materials - Session 1
Introducing Intertek Inlight: Food Supply Chain Solution – Webinar
Explosive Atmospheres Requirements for ICT Products
U.S. State Regulatory Updates – Consumer Products
Prepping Samples for Testing is Easy, Right? Wrong!
Tooth Whitening, Stain and Shade. An overview. Part 2: in vitro and in situ support studies
Advanced analytical techniques for the testing of generic orally inhaled and nasal drug products
Aware's Newest Features and Chicago User Group Meeting Recap
Developing a Safety Testing Approach for New and Innovative Children’s Products
NEMA 77 - Understanding Temporal Light Artifacts Criteria & Test Methods
Footwear Chemical Compliance: Avoiding Product Recalls
Radio Equipment Directive Update
Furniture Seating: Standards and Beyond
Building a Foundation for Your Risk Management Program On-Demand Webinar
Intertek Lab Report: Tornado Shelter Codes & Standards
The Role of Clinical Assessments in Supporting Tooth Whitening Oral Care Product Development
China RoHS2 Roundtable
Inks and Colorants: Global Food Contact Regulations and Migration Studies Designed to Ensure Safe Use in Packaging
Risk Assessments of Food Contact Materials that Migrate into Food
China Food Contact Regulations
EU food contact compliance for paper and board
EU food contact compliance for coatings
GMP for Food Contact
The Impact of the EU NIAS Regulations on the US FDA Final Articles Indirect Food Additives Compliance
The Best Approach to Obtain FDA NO Objection Letter (NOL)
Dispensing Machines FDA Food Contact Compliance
EU Food Contact: Regulation EU 10/2011 for plastic food contact materials fully into force on January 1st 2016
US and Emerging Markets: Food Contact Regulations
Different Packaging Market: Compliance throughout the Supply Chain
Testing & Certification: One Floor at a Time
US TSCA Framework Rules
Chemical, Flammability & Labeling Requirements for Furniture
Effective Approaches for Successful New Dietary Ingredient Notifications
EU Novel Foods (1997-2017): An Expert’s Perspective
Aware for Balance of Plant - Condensers, Pressure Vessels, Safety Valves, and Tanks
Cosmetics: Regulations in US
Cosmetics: Global Testing Requirements
Cosmetics: Risk Assessment 101
Cosmetics: Designing Robust Clinical Trials
Global product and packaging EPR programs: How to achieve efficient reporting and corporate sustainability success
Cosmetic Regulations in EU Compliance Requirements
Cosmetic Clinical Testing Compliance Requirements
Field Testing & Forensic Investigation
Consumer Products Regulatory Update: First Half 2017
Benefits of Using NDT Inspection to Quantify Internal Damage or Flaws of a Composite Material
Global Market Access Planning for Product Releases
Food Borne Pathogen Outbreaks
Florida Product Approval: Everything you Need to Know
Internet of Things (IoT) Product Design
Enhancements to Mobile Aware
Safety Assessment of Additives and Ingredients for Infants and Young Children in the EU
Prop 65 – One Year Left…Are You Ready?
Hot Tack: Optimizing Your Packaging Film’s Hot Seal Strength
Juvenile Products 101
Spills & Chills - Effectively Handling Workplace Spills: A Chemical Engineer's Perspective
Managing Indoor Air Quality and Mitigating Occupational Exposure
Management of Catastrophic and Climate Events
Hazardous Materials: Proper Assessment and Management
Energy Efficiency Requirements for ICT Equipment
Chemical Regulations for the Apparel Industry
Recent and Upcoming Changes to the Regulation of pesticides in the USA
Recent and Upcoming Changes to the Regulation of pesticides in Canada
EU Biocidal Product Regulation: overview and registration requirements from existing national legislation (transitional period) to BPR procedures
Treated articles under BPR , regulatory and labelling requirements
Biocidal Products Regulation: Identity, Physico-chemical properties and Analytical Methodology
What Your REACH Program Should Look Like
Wireless Medical Device Co-Existence Testing
Keys to a Successful Mock-Up
Automotive Telematics – Keeping Up with Wireless Regulatory Requirements
Is Your Product Tough Enough for Automotive?
TSCA-LCSA webinar 3: Interim Report
Apparel Compliance Requirements: U.S. & Canada
Gas Appliance Regulations: GAR vs. GAD
REACH Testing: Petroleum UVCBs – analysis for dossiers
The Future of Food Testing and Emerging Food Trends
Intertek Solutions for Certifying to UL-ANSI 110
Aware for Combined Cycle Stations - New Aware Module
Design of biopharma stability studies
Stability Programs for Orally Inhaled or Nasal Drug Products
Outsourcing Stability Studies to Contract Laboratories: Optimising Success
EU REACH Regulation: An Overview
REACH Testing Requirements: REACH Substance Identification
REACH Testing Requirements: Phys-Chem Testing
REACH Testing: 2018 Planning for Non-EU Companies
REACH Testing: Supply Chain Coverage
REACH Testing: Case studies for UVCB’s
Smart Inverters Webinar: ANSI-UL 1741 SA for Grid Support Inverters
The Acoustic Series: From the Floors Up
The Acoustic Series: Staying on Top of what’s Over Your Head
The Acoustic Series: A Focus on Fenestration
ICPHSO 2017 Recap
Functional Safety in the Automotive Industry
Managing Conflict Minerals Requirements Webinar
IATF 16949:2016 Revision Update Webinar
Aware Version 16 New Features!
Overview of Hazard Based Safety Engineering
IEC-UL-CSA 62368: Deadlines, Definitions, and Dual Certifications
The future of food testing and emerging food trends - Webinar
Taxing unhealthy behaviours in food and solutions for the industry - Webinar
Reducing the risk of food borne pathogen outbreaks - Webinar
Allergen Control Plan - Webinar
Ensuring safety and transparency within the global food supply chain - Webinar
Webinar: China’s Green Agenda in the Manufacturing Sector
Introducing Intertek Inlight: End-to-end food supply chain risk management solution
Introduction to Vendor Choice Audit Programs
Understanding Modern Slavery in Your Supply Chain
Intelligent Assurance Cyber Risk Assessments
Insights on Emerging Social Assessment Innovations
QD - IATF 16949 Revision Refresher
AS9100 Revision D Update Webinar