Intertek webinars are an opportunity for you to gain first-hand knowledge from some of the world’s foremost experts in testing, inspection, and certification. We’ll help you navigate the complexities associated with proper safety and quality processes.

These sessions will arm you with critical information on the ever-changing requirements that affect so many industries, and help you develop safer, higher quality products and grow your business.

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The Transition from EN 13463 to EN ISO 80079
China Market Access Requirements for Cosmetics - French
Cosmetic China Market Access Webinar
2018 Year in Review: Consumer Products Regulatory Update
Transportation Technologies: Navigating the Automotive VOC Test Method Roadmap
Transportation Technologies: EOL Vehicle Management
Transportation Technologies: Proposition 65
Transportation Technologies: Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals
Transportation Technologies: Global New Chemicals and Toxic Substances Management
Transportation Technologies: Hazcom
Transportation Technologies: Sustainable Solutions
EU RoHS 3: Are You Ready?
Designed for Security: Mitigating Cyber Threats to Connected Lighting Products
Consumer Products – U.S. State Regulatory Updates
Construction Monitoring: Before, During, and After
NFPA 285: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?
Botanical Identification: Authentication vs Adulteration
Cosmetic Product Stewardship – the Four C’s - contamination, claims, counterfeits and containment
Cosmetics: Content, Safety, and the Future
In vitro Oral Care Product Testing
Designed for Security: Mitigating Cyber Threats to Your Connected Medical Device
What is Hazcom?
Safety Data Sheets 101
Product Labelling – Consumer vs Workplace Use
Articles and Non Regulated Products
New Food Ingredient Applications – EFSA’s Latest Goalposts
Insight into the Life and Safety of the Lithium-ion Battery
Children’s Sleepwear Regulations – U.S. & Canada
California Proposition 65 and Food Packaging
EMC & Wireless Requirements for Active Implantable Medical Devices
Intertek's New Packaging Facility
Best Practices for Ensuring the Compliance of Inks Used in Food Contact Applications - US, China, and the EU
Overview of the European Compliance for Material in Contact with Drinking Water
Data Science When Applied to Plant Operations and Cost of Cycling Webinar
Battery Storage Technologies in the Power Plant Market Webinar
EU Regulation 10/2011 – Staying in Compliance
Food Contact Material Producer - Are You Ready to Enter Mercosur Market?
U.S. and Emerging Markets Food Contact Regulations
Final Countdown to IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC
GMO Labelling – United States
Dietary Fiber Regulations – Updates and Implications
Optimizing Clinical Trial Design for Claim Success
Buzz Words in Food Labelling and Advertising – United States and Canada
Food and Nutrient Intake Analyses – Nationally Representative Surveys Available Globally
Medical Foods – Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities
Food Standards – Barriers and Opportunities
Claims Related to Protein – A Global Overview
Natural Health Products in Canada – Untapped Opportunities
Steps in the Market Introduction of Foods and Supplements in the U.S.
Substantiation of Claims for Foods and Supplements in the U.S.
Automated & Connected Vehicle Testing FAQs
Driving Quality throughout the Automotive Supply Chain
Consumer Products Regulatory Update: First Half 2018
China Food Contact requirements and updates of GB standards
European: Materials and Articles Food Contact Testing
Regulatory Requirements for Active Implantable Medical Devices
Analytical testing services for natural ingredients and natural products
Prop 65 Warning Label Requirements: Compliance Strategies & Best Practices
Considerations for Deriving Health-Based Exposure Limits for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Footwear Labeling, Safety, Regulatory, & Chemical Compliance: Avoiding Product Recalls
Nursery Product Requirements Around The World
Biosimilar PK, Immunogenicity, and Nab Assay Method Development and Validation
Innovative and Non-conventional Bioanalysis Techniques
The United Arab Emirates RoHS Regulation Is Now in Effect
Ensuring Compliance With UL 60335-2-40
Technologies to Measure Immunogenicity
Navigating IEC 62133 - Which Version is Right for My Battery?
Apparel Compliance Requirements for Canada, EU & U.S. Markets
Wear Debris Analysis as a Condition Monitoring Tool
Improving Your Product Validation & Understanding the DVP&R
Mobile Aware Version 17
Be Prepared and Know the FDA’s Expectations Regarding Immunogenicity Testing – Lessons Learned
Engineering Judgements: The Progression and Development of Performance-Based Design and Equivalencies
Introducing Inlight Network: Taking Control of your Compliance Journey
China’s GB 31701-2015 – Are You Ready to Comply?
Disinfectants under the BPR
Regulatory Changes for Preservatives in Paints and Coatings: Canada and the US
Biocidal Products Regulation: Identity Physico-chemical properties and Analytical Methodology
Challenges Performing Lubricant Approval Tests
Biocides Task Forces Services
Ensuring Interoperability within the IoT
Technologies to Measure Immunogenicity - An Anti-Drug Antibody Case Study
Case studies in Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) and Food Contact Materials (FCM)
ICPHSO 2018 Recap
Intertek PipeAware™ Webinar
New EU Novel Food Regulation: An overview of the transition and lessons learned
UAE RoHS Requirements
Allergen Control Plan
US TSCA – A Brief Look Back to 2017 and Things to Look Forward to in 2018
Our Connected World: Interoperability
Our Connected World: Cyber Security
Compatibility Testing & Life Estimation of Non-Metallic Materials
REACH Testing: Petroleum UVCBs – analysis for dossiers
ISO 9001:2015 Panel Discussion Webinar
ISO 14001:2015 Panel Discussion Webinar
Intertek Inlight: Give Some Love to Your Supply Chain
MDSAP: What Does It Mean For Medical Device Manufacturers?
ISO 45001: The New Look of Occupational Health & Safety
ISO 45001 Webinar with Intertek, ZERO®, and Everest Insurance®
Intertek Inlight: End-to-End Food Supply Chain Risk Management Solution
Introduction to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard
Enforcing Forced Labor Requirements in Supply Chains
Webinar: The ISO 9001:2015 Transition
ISO45001 Webinar w/ ZERO
Soar to New Heights with AS 9100 Series Certification
Root Cause Analysis Webinar
ISO 45001:2018 Introduction and Q&A
Introducing Labour Provider Auditing Solution
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) Standard Overview
ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS) Standard Overview
Intertek's Assurance Services & Audit Management Technology