Auditing and System Certification Services

Intertek offers an extensive range of auditing, assurance and system certification services that promote quality, safety, efficiency, risk mitigation and international regulatory compliance.

Consistent quality, safety and sustainability for your products or services depend on the effectiveness of the management systems and processes that support them. Persistent pressures from global competition demand continuous improvement of products, services, and business processes to remain competitive.

At Intertek, we believe our global network of customer-focused auditors and technical experts are uniquely qualified to help you meet the increasingly competitive market challenges and regulatory requirements for compliance. They are dedicated to understanding your business in order to assist you in achieving your organisational goals.

Our industry experts transcend standard audits and develop custom solutions that enable you to evaluate your organisation’s performance against its own goals and objectives. They also provide tools to elevate and enhance your outcomes, while meeting both external and internal customer expectations. They will partner with you, share best practices and industry trends that are critical to ensuring sustainable growth and profitability for your organisation.

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