Supply Chain Management Solutions

Consumers, governments and communities alike are concerned about their supply chain management and how the manufacturing of consumer products impacts the lives of workers, their communities and the environment, as well as the safety of the products produced.

As retailers and brands work to demonstrate good corporate governance across their supply chains, their  suppliers are concurrently being asked to continuously showcase their capabilities, capacity and performance in these areas. Being proactive in improving supply chain performance requires evaluation of processes and procedures, measuring the results in order to better react to risk, monitor market signals and facilitate continuous improvement.

Intertek has developed a series of risk-based management tools and audit solutions to assess and benchmark suppliers, while helping global companies manage and track the performance in their supply chains.

Our supply chain management services measure business risk, capacity and capabilities, workplace conditions, product quality and safety, security and environmental sustainability.

This knowledge allows you to map the risk in your supply chain and track improvements and performance, enabling you to make more informed buying decisions and mitigate against reputational risk. Intertek's portfolio of risk assessment tools and audit solutions include:

InlightEnhance Supply Chain Visibility and Manage Risk

  • Collection and cleansing of supplier information
  • Completion of business profiles
  • Risk-based analysis and reporting
  • Verification services

Think Green Initiative (TGI) - A Sustainable Approach to Greening the Value Chain

  • Enables manufacturers to complete the trilogy: Think Green, Act Green and Be Green
  • Allows factories to simultaneously demonstrate environmental performance and improve bottom line

Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) - Manufacture with Confidence

  • Provides factories with improved controls and processes for managing product quality and safety
  • Incorporates elements of GMP, BRC, FMEA and ISO principles, supported by product-specific modules for softlines, toys, footwear, furniture and hardlines
  • Aligns with the general requirements of US and European retailers

Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) - Measured Results : Improved  Performance

  • Evaluates factory workplace conditions and puts working hours into perspective by benchmarking against sector, country and global averages
  • Enables you to demonstrate your performance on real issue - Good Workplaces = Happy People
  • Teaches new approaches for assessing, benchmarking and communicating workplace performance in order to measure the positive progress made and identify areas for continuous improvement
  • Measures how you perform against global, country and industry-specific benchmarks

Mill Qualification program (MQP) - A New Operating Environment for Sustainable Textiles Suppliers

  • Garment quality starts with fabric quality - the further down the supply chain you start the better
  • Controls fabric quality, environment issues and social attributes
  • Offers 4 Separate modules: - Quality (Quality systems) - Testing (Laboratory) - Environmental (TGI) - Social (WCA)

Global Security Verification (GSV) - Verify Supplier Chain Security and Facilitate Global Trade Efficiency

  • Enables voluntary participation among factories to demonstrate compliance to C-TPAT members by working towards meeting the requirements established by U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Join the world’s largest platform and community of suppliers assessed to GSV standard
  • Reduces audit fatigue, saves cost and enable global recognition

Chemical AnalysisAssess the chemical substances involved in any supply chain composition questions
The aim of this offering is to look at:

  • Ingredient list verification
  • Chemical substance analysis
  • Contamination or residue analysis
  • Harmful substances analysis
  • Raw material analysis
  • Both quantitative and qualitative measurements
  • Measurement consulting to optimize the testing to your process
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