Wind Certification Program Directory

From testing through certification, Intertek’s Wind Turbine Certification program is currently providing manufacturers with the solutions they need to achieve AWEA 9.1 and other certification requirements.

Our facilities in North America and Europe test for a full scope of AWEA, BWEA (MCS), IEC, UL, NEC and other wind requirements. We are the only North American testing agency that offers an accredited certification program, and our open air test site is the only test facility operated by a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory. This allows us to help wind manufacturers get products tested, certified, and to market faster than ever before.

Below is a listing of wind turbines enlisted in Intertek's Wind Turbine Certification Program:

Certified Turbine Listings

Turbine NameApplicant NameTypeContract DateTesting Start DateCertification StatusCertificate Number
Ampair 6000-5.5 6kWAmpair (Westwind) LtdMCS23-Jul-13PendingPendingPending
Ampair 6kWAmpair (Westwind) LtdMCS12-May-14Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT 21489
Ampair 10kWAmpair (Westwind) LtdMCS12-May-14Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT 21488
Ampair 20kWAmpair (Westwind) LtdMCS12-May-14Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT 21487
Excel 6Bergey Windpower CompanyMCSTesting CompletedTesting CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT21390
Excel 10Bergey Windpower CompanyMCS9-Jan-14Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT21389
CF10 (Phase A)C&F Green EnergyMCS22-Jan-14Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT21375
CF11 (Phase A)C&F Green EnergyMCS22-Jan-14Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT21374
CF11C&F Green EnergyMCS2-Dec-10Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT20947
CF12 (Phase A)C&F Green Energy MCS7-Mar-13Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT21342
CF15C&F Green EnergyMCS2-Dec-10Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT20879
CF20C&F Green EnergyMCS2-Dec-10Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT20880
EO-25/12Eocycle Technologies IncAWEA / MCS28-Nov-12Testing CompletedCancelledCancelled
MontanaFortis Wind EnergyAWEA14-Jun-104-Feb-11CancelledCancelled
GHFD93-2000/IIIGeoho Energy TechnologyGL-IV-200331-May-15Testing CompletedType Certified101315657CRT-001b
KW-15Kingspan RenewablesMCS29-Oct-12Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT21394
NPS 100C-24Northern Power SystemsIEC 11-Nov-1617-Mar-17On HoldPending
Osiris10Osiris EnergyAWEA / IEC28-Apr-13Testing CompletedAWEA Certified
Type Certified
Phoenix 20kWQED Wind PowerAWEA11-Jul-17PendingPendingPending
Windspot 3.5 kWSonkyo EnergyAWEA12-Apr-11Testing CompletedAWEA Certified4006978
PWB01-30-48Sumec Hardware & Tools Co., LTDAWEA12-Jul-10Testing CompletedAWEA Certified3123921
PWB02-40-48Sumec Hardware & Tools Co., LTDAWEA12-Jul-10Testing CompletedAWEA Certified3123921
PWA03-44-250Sumec Hardware & Tools Co., LTDAWEA12-Jul-10Testing CompletedAWEA Certified3123921
PWA05-50-280Sumec Hardware & Tools Co., LTDAWEA12-Jul-10Testing CompletedAWEA Certified3123921
TUGE10TUGE EnergiaAWEA29-Sep-176-Feb-18PendingPending
Eddy GTUrban Green EnergyAWEA/MCS7-Apr-1110-Feb-12CancelledCancelled
VisionAIR (5M)Urban Green EnergyAWEA/MCS7-Apr-11Testing CompletedCancelledCancelled
Jacobs 31-20Wind Turbine IndustriesAWEA13-May-11Testing CompletedOn HoldPending
5 kWWeaver Wind EnergyAWEA3-July-13Testing CompletedOn HoldPending
WindEn45WindEnMCS8-Dec-11Testing CompletedMCS CertifiedINT WT21367