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Intertek provides independent verification of your organization's environmental and social responsibility data, assuring stakeholders that your corporate reports are fully credible and transparent.

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As environmental and sustainability initiatives become more important to businesses, our stakeholders, investors, and customers need to show that they are responding to the demands of environmental, social, and economic protection. We help your business incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability initiatives into your operations.

Our services range from solutions to address immediate environmental and social concerns to the development of strategic portfolio initiatives, such as stakeholder engagement programs and ethical supply chain management tools, and reporting initiatives.

Intertek's global reach, breadth and scope of CSR and Sustainability expertise helps our customers implement social responsibility programs to similar standards in every market they are in. And our multi-disciplinary teams, including experienced consultants, auditors, accountants, and engineers, will partner with you to provide a program that is truly value-added and tailored to your industrial sector or business.

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