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Food & Agriculture Services

Protect your brands and reputation with better agricultural and food supply chain management, from farm to fork.

The global food supply chain is a reality. Whichever link you form – producer, distributor, broker or retailer – we’re here to help you make the most of a rapidly expanding world of possibilities.

We have a wealth of experience serving the food and agriculture industry, and a world-class reputation for delivering quality and value. With our global expertise in testing, inspection, auditing, training and consulting, you can rely on our support whenever and wherever you need it.

Given the complexity of global food production, guaranteeing the safety, quality and authenticity of products presents a huge challenge for everyone involved.

As a company with decades of experience serving the global food industry, we’re perfectly positioned to help you manage any and every aspect of the supply chain. We offer a complete range of analytical testing and consulting services, with expertise and facilities strategically located to serve our clients all over the world to protect you from risk.

Find out more about our services in auditing and certification of systems, processes and products, global coordination of agricultural commodity inspection, and fast, reliable food testing.