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Pitfalls in Early Drug Development: Nonclinical, Manufacturing, and Clinical Issues

A Complimentary Intertek Cantox Webinar

Drug discovery and development is an intricate process which operates in a highly regulated environment. All drug development programs involve combining together many different disciplines including pharmacology, drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics, toxicology, chemistry & manufacturing (CMC), and clinical research and operations. The success of a drug development program is only as good as the weakest link in this complex and interrelated development chain. The submission of incomplete, inaccurate, or scientifically deficient data to a regulatory authority will result in rejection/clinical hold and cost a company and its investors significant time and money.

As drug development consultants, Intertek Cantox see the same types of missteps in early drug development being perpetrated by a multitude of early stage companies developing biologic and small molecule therapeutics across a wide variety of therapeutic areas. This webinar addresses ways to avoid common mistakes and is of relevance to scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and drug development executives alike.