Meet Our People: Dr. Ian W. Fletcher

Prof. Ian W. Fletcher BSc(Hons) PhD CChem FRSC Surface Science

Ian obtained his PhD in gas-phase molecular reaction dynamics from The University of Manchester in 1984. After carrying out postdoctoral research there, he joined VSW Scientific Instruments Ltd. in 1985 and was responsible for test and development of various mass spectrometers, ion guns and XPS and SIMS instrumentation.  He joined the world-renowned Surface Analysis team in ICI in 1988, became team leader in 1995 and was appointed an ICI Business Scientist in 2002 and an ICI Research Associate in 2005.

In recent years Ian's research has centered on surface analysis of coatings and coated materials, composite structures, inorganics, catalysts, metals, polymers and automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and biological materials.  His current interest is in developing the application of high-resolution XPS and SSIMS capabilities to characterise the distribution of molecules on surfaces in both 2- and 3-dimensions, especially for pharmaceutical, medical, personal care and organic electronics applications.

He has published widely in the scientific literature and has given a number of lectures at conferences and academic and commercial training courses.

Ian was appointed as a Visiting Professor by Newcastle University to the School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering in July 2010.

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