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REACH Compliance Certificate

Intertek’s REACH Certificate Program offers traceability of compliance.

The EU REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances – EC1907/2006) is very complicated and applies in different ways to different products. This complexity makes it challenging for manufacturers and distributors to prove to their clients that their products are REACH compliant. On the flip side, this complexity also makes it very difficult for manufacturers to be assured that the products they purchased or use are REACH compliant. To simplify this standard supply chain issue, Intertek has developed a certificate program for REACH compliance.

Intertek’s REACH certificate program provides a REACH certificate of compliance for a specific product whether it is a preparation or an article. The certificates provide assurance to customers that a product has been reviewed by a third party for REACH compliance and offers traceability of compliance. As a standard part of the REACH certificate program, the client’s REACH compliance data will be maintained within an Intertek database. Contact information for Intertek global REACH compliance teams will also be provided so product customers will be able to contact them to confirm product compliance.

Intertek’s REACH Certificate Program includes:

  • Review of client REACH compliance data for the specific products 
  • REACH Compliance Certificates specific to preparations 
  • REACH Compliance Certificates specific to articles 
  • Storage of client REACH compliance information 
  • Contact information for Intertek’s global REACH Compliance teams

Whether you are a company wishing to provide confidence of REACH compliance to your customers or a company purchasing products for which you need assurance of REACH compliance, Intertek REACH compliance certificate program can meet your needs.


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