Contamination Detection and Analysis

Contamination testing, detection, analysis, troubleshooting and resolution expertise to minimise downtime and ensure the safety and quality of products

Contamination testing is critical to addressing suspected contamination of products and processes. To avoid extended downtime for manufacturing processes, or to ensure product quality and safety, contamination detection and analysis can provide invaluable information that can help to resolve and control sources of contamination.

Contamination is unpredictable and can originate from unexpected sources in many forms. It can create a highly sensitive situation that requires an urgent response and a rapid resolution. Contamination can take the form of particulates, fibers, impurities, discoloration, cloudy or opaque matter, stains, metal fragments, degradation products, trace chemicals or surface residues. They can occur in samples from many industries including chemicals, cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceuticals or petroleum. Contaminants may threaten the safety of your product, affect the product’s performance and can also damage your reputation as a manufacturer, a leading brand or distributor. 

Our strategic response to resolving a contamination incident incorporates both a stringent risk assessment methodology and investigational insight. Our contamination testing experts provide detection and analysis services that are focused on inspecting the sample and /or site, identifying the contaminants, search for the contamination source helping you to control or eliminate it.

Dedicated specialists detect, isolate and identify suspected contaminants down to trace and ultra-trace levels, to quickly understand the contamination problem. We understand that time is critical in any contamination situation that you face, and as such, we specialize in rapid problem solving and client support.

Our contamination analysis and testing expertise assists clients across many manufacturing sectors, products and markets. We have amassed a great deal of experience in the examination of contaminants in the forms of chemical residues, fibers, hairs, stains, unknown fragments decomposition products, reaction by-products, catalyst residues, metal chips and particulates. We work with sample types that include liquids, solids, gases, surfaces, gels, powders, metals, polymers, formulated chemical products, silicones, greases, lubricants, cleaning agents, organic and inorganic materials.

Our global network of laboratories is staffed by experienced personnel who provide an independent, specialist resource for contamination analysis detection and identification, using a wide range of proven and advanced analytical techniques.

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