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Contamination Analysis Solutions and Examples

Contamination analysis solutions by Intertek support business and manufacturing, providing an expert and adaptable analytical approach.

Intertek contamination testing and analysis laboratory teams have significant experience in solving contamination problems. Intertek's strength lies in quickly detecting and isolating the contamination, then selecting the correct analytical tools in order to identify the material and solve the problem. Contamination troubleshooting experts solve problems across almost all manufacturing and product sectors. In general, if your test samples can be analyzed by appropriate analytical instrumentation, we will solve your problem. The contamination examples table below shows a few of the problems solved, and resulting benefits.

Contamination problem:  Contaminant:  Contaminant source:  Solution and outcome: 
microscopic black particles in fine powder pigment calcium carbonate reinforced carbon based rubber damaged and deteriorating final product filler hose hose replaced and contaminated product was recalled before delivery to customer
coloured defects on coated surface of metal wire consumer product high molecular weight coating gels cross contamination from previous product part recall was avoided because defect did not affect product integrity and was benign
metal debris passing magnets on newly constructed plant start up thin flat fragments of aluminium, one side printed, red and white Coca Cola cans from maintenance contractors discarded in plant plant start up not delayed. new contractor training introduced plus improved housekeeping procedures.
weld failure in construction material agglomerated powdery inorganic material single part of multi component additive pack due to incorrect blending independent analysis continued during process optimisation. Product replaced before completion
embedded particulate material causing bottle failure highly crystalline unmelts and degraded base material product build up in process plus incorrect process conditions material recalled, customer compensated. Returned material used as reclaim in different product.
replication marks on final product show face solvent residue causing localised chemical attack contact adhesive residual solvent and incompatible barrier properties customer successfully defended a disputed claim
flexible electronic  product failure - metal track disruption exposed filler and associated agglomerates plastic substrate alternative higher quality grade substrate supplied. Customer retained collaborative research.
sudden unexplained outbreak of filters blocking on site boundaries environmental particulate debris plus high loading of distinctive fibres fibres from new plant on neighbouring industrial estate independent analysis and consultation helped both parties put measures in place to reduce emissions.
blocked narrow bore metal tube polymeric internal deposit equipment had polymer gaskets that were being chemically attacked gaskets replaced with alternative product and business retained.
stained product synthetic fibres. dye had leached due to temperature to cause visible stain cold weather fleece jackets garments changed and significant cost saving made due to reduction of waste product
smooth product with embedded defects and rough surface finish collection of general debris plus very unusual animal hair causing hair found to be from monkeys getting into building rafters monkeys were dislodging debris settled high in the roof. Tighter "security" put in place.
poor optical appearance of transparent product significant increase in product residuals unexplained shift in plant operating conditions. plant conditions and chemistry subtly altered, downtime minimised and customer order met.


It is intentional that there is no detail of the techniques used in these few examples: you don’t need to worry about that because that is our job. A problem may be solved simply by visual examination and drawing on knowledge from previous experience or at the other extreme may require a focused multi-technique approach. 

to see how Intertek can help your organization with Contamination Analysis Solutions and Examples.