Meet Our People: Dr Neil Everall

Neil Everall BSc PhD CChem FRSC Vibrational Spectroscopy

Neil Everall obtained his PhD from Durham University in 1986. After carrying out postdoctoral research at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, he joined ICI in 1988 to establish a Raman Spectroscopy facility. He has led Intertek MSG's vibrational spectroscopy activities for a number of years, and was appointed an ICI Business Research Associate in 1998.

In recent years, Neil's research has centred on vibrational spectroscopic studies of synthetic polymers, composites, inorganics and homogeneous catalysis. He also has a growing interest in structural characterisation using spectroscopic imaging, e.g. for pharmaceutical, foods and personal care systems.

He has published widely in the scientific literature, has given a number of plenary lectures at international conferences, and is active on the editorial boards of several research journals. He is also a member of the EPSRC College, which peer-reviews academic grant proposals in the UK.

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