Renewable Energy Field Services

Providing on-site testing and solutions for renewable energy installations

To meet the increasing demands of renewable energy installations, we are committed to providing the more comprehensive and efficient services possible to help owners, operators, financiers, and insurers assess and improve the performance of their systems.

Our experience and expertise in solar, wind, tidal and other renewable energy technologies is unparalleled in the industry. We provides the widest range of quality assurance services, including testing and certification for products and installations around the world.

Intertek’s Renewable Energy Site Services bring the foremost in knowledge and technology directly to renewable energy installations, assessing products prior to installation, quickly identifying damaged or underperforming products, and providing analysis to allow operators to make informed decisions that will verify or improve the performance of their systems.

Solar Field Testing Webinar: Improving Your Return on Investment,
the First Step in Risk Mitigation

We bring expertise and cutting edge testing technology directly to clients across the globe, providing in-depth analysis and customized solutions to ensure optimal performance. Site services provide the distinct advantage of testing panels, turbines, or systems on site, eliminating downtime or the risks and costs incurred with shipping components off site for testing. 

Working with Intertek’s global team of experts ensures that your renewable energy systems are not only tested and certified to the latest standards, but also operating at maximum efficiency in the field.


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